At age of around 13 I one day read about a new motorbike, called BFG.                    

Engine from CitroŽn GSA.  And a presumed swedish agency too!

Wouldn't that be nice? Or even awesome! Years later I found one in

south of France, Toulouse. 













Still on french plate it looks really nice and authentic.  



This BFG was owned by the french Garde Nationale. It still has the switches

for sirens and lights.  So how about the swedish agency? It sure was sold seven

BFG bikes here, one was exported to Denmark, and mine came in from France.

So it's status quo. Seven bikes it is. One of them being a pre-series one having

extremely low framenumber 16, only around 500 units being made between 1980

and 1983.  Think it was -81 I read about it in that magasine first time.  





Picture at left shot from my green GS during some highway-cruising.  This bike is pretty heavy. 320 kilos as is. I think it works fine concerning estethics with the topbox and sidecases. Summer 2011 I bought new Michelintyres and a new really heavy duty battery. 

The engine is an ordinary 1299 cc GSA but the electronic ignition used from Visa.  Carb retuned and that gives some five hp extra, it should be around 65.  Frontlight used is a Renault 16 and the instrument cluster is the Renault 5 GT. Piniondrive is the one used in Mehari 4X4, and the fuelpump comes from Talbot. Wheels is Moto Guzzi and brakes are Brembo. Gearbox totally in house like the frame and plastic covers. All gears are straightcut and sounds like a tram...

Handles like an old BMW someone said. I don't know cause I haven't drove anything else more than some lazy Honda at a drivingschool years ago.