Before ww2 the engineerers at CitroŽn SA worked on a small, cheap peoples car.  


Well the germans, as usual, didn't waste any time making themselves impossible, so the french folk's had to hide the prototypes in barns at countryside.  In 1945 they relaunched their work and made some improvements and changes and 1948 the new 2CV stood at the CitroŽnstand at Paris motorshow. That was one of those french successes.  "Bombe du salon" et cetera. They sold more cars than they could fabricate the first years.  The first model had a small two cylinder boxer engine developping only 9 bhp. Or 2 Cheval Vapeur.  This car was made in more than fourty years, until 1990. Last ones had the 602 cc 29 bhp engine that pulls like a dream. What a great little car!


A swedish carmagazine once wrote: "This is the closest not having a car you get. "

Wow. Think I'll gotta have one.  First out is this nice -66 luxury model, "azam". 

 Had it repainted rouge soleil & beige albatros. Then I moved to L.A and sold it. Hm.  









Then quite recently I bought this nice Charleston -88 that's on front-page. Had a -81 Club in between, but where's the good pic's on that one? Uh.  Anyway, here's the engine on it's way out for a change of the totally worned out clutch.  This car's only got 100000 kilometers on the meter and is running really great. Changing clutch on a 2CV was nothing, had the engine lifted out all by myself.  That's way much more easy than dealing with a DS...  Promised my daugther a trip to France in this car next summer so before I refitted everything I also changed everything concerning frontbrakes. Now we got ourselves a really sound 2CV.                            

Have a look at the Charleston driving here.

Planning a trip to france this summer I only need new tires having already changed clutch and brakes. Most recent thing I did was having the rouge delage decals at front changed. They're getting awful due to the sun radiating. Found a 3M film in almost exactly the same nuance. Changed the big ones between frontdoors and hood, wich surprisingly lifted the appearance.  But one evening I started her up to move around some cars in the garage. Some strange sound from engine made me suspicious. Showed to be the alternator bearings.  Huh. But I'm happy they started to talk now and not halfway to france...