Some day I'll figure out how to make homepages.                                                          

But for now we'll live with this pretty basic style.

Anyway, one summerday I heared about a GS standing at a street,

abandoned and of course I didn't believe that.

Things like that happened twentyfive years ago, so I couldn't care less.

But a sunny evening I took my motorbike to have a look, expecting

an old BX or Fiat.  This is what I found:





Must have stood there for months, look at the tarmac underneith. Good gosh!Mu














 The owner was impossible to get to and the car was standing in a quite bad suburb, so I expected anything. After a terrible week I got in touch with the owner at last and of course it was for sale, pretty reasonable too.  Gee.  So I engaged a friend to drive my green -72 and we had the red one home to the garage. Then I made a scary discovering... The fan was not there anymore. Had kinda exploded into small plastic cornflake-like pieces that was all inside the engine, marinated in the leaking, no, pouring engine oil.  There's no shortcuts dealing with those cars, I had the engine out and taken apart. Changed every gasket and o-ring as usual and then overhauled the gearbox to with new radialseals. New brakediscs. New everything.  Driving this GS home I noticed it drove like a new car, exept the dead rear spheres.  Very silent and smooth for being a 1015. Then I made the next discover. The mileage was the real deal. 44800 kilometers since 1973. Now that's impressing. Explains that nice, tight behavior. One thing above this is an interior that's like new. Probably been in a garage all the time since the red cloth is red and not sunbleached and thin like spiderweb as it always gets on old CitroŽns. So thoose rusty doors didn't feel that bad after all.













    Tory Amos, here's your Cornflakegirl!

  GoTory Amos, here's your Cornflakegirl!
















                                                                                                                                               It's the usual. Every sealing changed, coolingducts painted. Cleaned throughout. Such a mess.











  Dealing with CitroŽns, especially GS'es, there's no shortcuts allowed. And failure is always an option. Seeing me in the garage sometimes is like watching Bill Dance.

Now those rusty wheels are no good, so I get the right color, AC140, then gets the spraygun out to make the factory-specific look. There are several different types of rims for GS depending on year. Those are the early types lacking holes for big hubcap in center. And they should be marked "Michelin".  Oh my, I'm starting to sound like a nerd...