Once fed up with all those oil leaking old CitroŽn GS and GSA                                                               

that's been in the family since ages I one summer made a desition. 

It must be possible to restore a GS to factory-specific finition, with the

engine totally dry and heating totally free from the stinky oil. 

Oh my, that's a challenge right...











 New cylinders and pistons and of course every tiny little gasket and o-ring changed.  Everything cleaned and decent. Took ages. Didn't repaint every cooling duct on this one though.






Just had to fix the rusty rear subframe. Sandblastered and repainted, then regassed spheres, new hydraulic pipes and so on. Kept rear discs cause they where thick enough, but changed shoes.



           Have a look at the GS driving here.

           Have a look at the red -73 here.





















           Now that's promising!