The D wagon  for me during the seventies, was just a strange car with pretty unfitting doors probably due to lack of service. I remember one standing at a grassfield outside an old citroŽnshop. It looked like something really odd to drive around in, especially that one having different colors on fenders and doors. As being a groving person at an age of around 13 I didn't fancy old citroŽns at all, but the 2CV. 

Heeps of years later I found this in a barn:

Lacking engine and some other things it was a big dead whale. Getting it home the 240 kilometers was a good days work and then the fun began. To make things short I took the engine from my DSuper5 wich wasn't the correct one, but a 20 engine, fixed it up with some original paint and then had it fitted on the right 4 speed box.  

The tecnical test done each second year here in sweden on cars older than 30 years went out very fine.  Its called "besiktning" and the guy that did the test had never seen a car like that before. Hm, he was around 21 and sure wondered why I didn't just buy an ordinary car...

Timing is set  14 degrees & 59 degrees dwell on a 20-engine. This one's got the nice cassette-type.

This is how the occilating, seven piston hydraulic LHM-pump looks like when new. Note yellow paint-dot at front end nut, securing factory specific tightening torque. This one in the red ID 20.


Ordinary february day in south west of Sweden.  I took the wagon on a trip to Bretagne summer 2011. Nothing happened. Purred like a kitten all way there and home again. 5000 kilometers. Wow.